Board of Directors

About the board:

The Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women & Song Society is comprised of a number of board members as well as four executive board members; the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each year the board is elected during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place in late January. The Harmony Bazaar Board of Directors spends countless hours throughout the year planning and organizing the festival so each can be better than the last. The society is bound by its governing documents which can be found in the link below.

 Governance Booklet

Getting involved:

Interested in becoming part a part of the Harmony Bazaar Society family? Check out the “Board Information Package” below to see the various levels of involvement.

Board Information Package 

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors please contact us.

Current Board of Directors:

Garrett Chetwynd

Allan Nelson

Fran Scott

Danielle Williams

Cheryl Graul

Ellen Suttle